Paintings and Musings

a rendition of life in color and words


Paintings and Musings

a rendition of life in color and words

Japan in the Philippines


I’ve always dreamed of going to Japan, but since I don’t have the money for it yet, I try to find bits of Japanese culture here in Manila. So far, so good.

The Arcade


I don’t have a legit gaming console. I’ve always been at the backseat waiting for the player to go pee so that I can take the controller. Still, I know how to play the way a gamer does.

The Easel


I’ve taken a three-day crash course in watercolor painting. Even though the workshop is done, I still try to continue learning how to paint through the internet.

The Library

Dr. Seuss books from Book Sale

I like books, but we have yet to feel more between us. Life is not over yet, so we have more time to learn about each other and ultimately fall helplessly in love.

The Speech


What goes on in the country? Everyone has his own way to go about the question.

The Unsealed Journal

cluttered desk

A public diary about life.

The Jace Delirium Chronicles


Where Jace and Delirium meet on paper.

The Album
image4Verbal snippets of a country’s microcosm or a subconscious. This is inspired by


Hiroaki Masukawa watercolor


Watercolor Tools of Trade


Staedtler HB, hand-me-down eraser from master drawer, UniBall Signo Broad White (someone tell me there is hope in finding a finer point), a fairly beaten down UniPin Fine Line .1, a broken and twisted Berkley #000 brush, Reeves #6 round brush, uArt fan brush from Deovir, an old flat brush, and my trusty #10 round brush from the 2013 Ayala Museum watercolor painting crash course.


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