Last December, I got the opportunity to join the office Battle of the Bands with three of my colleagues from the same department. We were – surprise! surpise! – all geeks, which was an opportune moment to use a newfound guitar chords site for Japanese songs: Not all the songs from our selection were there, but luckily  one of our band members – the guitarist and vocalist of One Fourth Apart – has a god-given musical talent: Let me listen to it. … Okay. I got it now.

One of our musical selection for our anime medley was Voltes V’s theme. (Watch on Facebook.) So, naturally, I got drawn to this sponsored Facebook post:


If you’re a Voltes V fan or a running enthusiast, you might want to participate in the Voltes V RUN Manila to celebrate the anime’s 40th anniversary. The event is a 5km run with a P950 registration fee.

You might be surprised to find that there’s also a Voltes V Karaoke Challenge with cash prizes to whoever is brave enough!


Visit their website at or check out their Facebook page for more information.