Day 169

He’s a driver. He’s a jeepney driver who occasionally screamed at other public utility vehicle owners to get on ahead, you cunt, can’t you see I’m waiting for passengers? then mumble, We’re both trying to make a living here. He’s a hard worker, telling his two front passengers that he’d been awake at the break of morning so he could earn money to feed his girls. He’s also a dad. He’s an angry dad scolding his two little passengers in front, two girls of about five and six respectively. Most importantly, he’s tired. He’s broken down into white hot fury in a sunny midday, beheld by his curious and alarmed passengers. Can’t you see I work hard day and night? Can’t you understand that? I’m working hard for you. Now, if you don’t want us to be together, then pack your things and live with someone else. He’s cussing at his children, but you can’t help but feel for him more than his girls.