I’ve been listening to Sticky Fingers for quite some time now, and I’ve gotten addicted to the rhythm and voice – and even name! – of their vocalist, Dylan Frost. 

It’s 34 degrees hot in the Philippines and these Sticky Fingers songs are giving me hotter summer feels.

Disclaimer: I’m the type of person who chooses songs based on their musicality and vibes and almost never the lyrics.

6. Headlock

Watch the acoustic video over on YouTube.

5. Best Day (acoustic)

Audio is available on YouTube.

4. Happy Endings

Young Mr. Frost is hot. Watch the video on YouTube.

3. How to Fly

Fly over to YouTube and give this a listen.

2. Slow

Chill vibes. Listen to it on YouTube.

Bonus! Before we get to number one, I want to include A Love Letter From Me To You just ’cause it starts getting the summer vibes later in the song. Dedicate this song to your summer fling. Watch the acoustic version on YouTube.

1. I Ain’t Running

No official video, but audio is available on YouTube. Super summer feels with this song. Must be the videoke background of the video.

Love listening to Sticky Fingers and feeling the reggae vibes! Too bad I’m nowhere near the beach. So now I’m burning.

(credits to all the uploaders on YouTube)