If you’ve seen my Crying Girl, watercolor, then thank you. But I’m just showing you the best of a bunch of crying girls I drew. Here’s the whole collection.

Why am I sharing even the ‘rejects’ now?

When I go to small art exhibits (like galleries in malls), I see paintings with portraits of people whose features I don’t find beautiful. But they’re displayed, nonetheless. Making me think, ‘why?’

I’m hesitant to call my paintings artwork because I’m not classically trained. The works I’d shared here and on social networking sites were paintings that I want people to see, stuff I want people to say ‘cool, she’s good.’ But I’m not always that. In fact, I’m not good at all. And I just want to say that. That I’m not good. But maybe that’s okay to display. Because maybe some find ‘not good’ beautiful too.