Kurosagi (クロサギ) or The Black Swindler is a suspense, mystery story that started as a Japanese manga and was later turned into a live-action series (2008). The live-action stars Yamashita Tomohisa (Kurosaki) who plays a swindler of swindlers.


Love is not the main theme of the series (or is it? That question is for another time.) albeit the romantic tension between Kurosaki and his tenant Tsurara Yoshikawa (Maki Horikita)


and Kurosaki and Tsurara’s classmate, Yukari, who he saved from an akasagi (swindlers who use romance to extort money).


Nevertheless, there are hints on how the creator of Kurosagi views love.

How to Not Get Guys to Like You


This is the male perspective.

The female perspective is more acceptable (social media standards-wise).

3 Questions to Ask to Know if You Love Him

Please draw a circle if your answer is yes.


  1. Does your heart start beating fast when you see him?
  2. Do you always feel like talking back to him whenever he says something?
  3. Do you feel as if you want him to understand you?


Now, those are too easy. They’re explicitly told to the viewers. But, there are underlying interpretations – or misinterpretations – of love in Kurosagi, too.

Like retribution for the love of family.


Control, as if you can save him.


Support by just letting that person be, no matter the moral alignment of his actions.


Or even the pay-it-forward kind (sometimes in a seemingly dirty-old-man kind of way).


It’s either love is strange or humans are. (History has proven that it’s the latter.)

Bonus! In Episode 7, there’s the mini-story of the taro savings, which I think is the epitome of proper love. And I hope you find the same love that obaasan and ojiisan had.




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