It’s been two years since I last took the watercolor crash course for beginners under Ms. Eileen Escueta. Yesterday, my interest in the medium was ignited under the mentorship of Ms. Iris Babao Uy for the Dreamy Landscape Workshop.

I was so lucky to have been given free paints yesterday – for free! Now, I have M. Graham and Daniel Smith watercolor paints – talk about getting pressured to produce similar artist-quality works with these pigments.

I also now have a natural fiber brush from squirrel hair. I never thought I’d own a flat brush but after yesterday, I can now see how it’s good to have for painting landscapes.

If there’s any big realization from this experience, it’s to join specialized workshop classes. For beginners, I’d suggest you skip introductory workshops (like general watercolor workshop for beginners) and invest in classes that teach specific skills – like painting impressionist flowers or painting portraiture because the basics will still be covered in these classes – very quickly but enough.

This is not to say that I regret my first crash course, it’s just that when there’s a more specific direction, it’s more value-adding.

I think this is my Christmas gift to myself because for the past days I found myself not wanting anything material. If you’re also interested to give yourself the gift of ars longa, vita brevis, you might want to check these pages over on Facebook:

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I hope this second workshop has equipped me with enough skill and inspiration for better paintings. Stay tuned if second time’s the charm!