CAUTION: Word vomit ahead!

It’s becoming difficult to obey people.

I’ve unfortunately become a corporate slave and I’ve been working almost non-stop for the past months to the point that when I get home, I just sleep and rest. At times, I even had to skip reading books because I was too tired, exhausted, drained. Unfortunately, even though I just fulfill eight hours of work here in the office, I still feel overworked.

Not to be air-headed,  but the authority figures here in the office – people with higher pay grade than I do – don’t inspire me to follow them. Or maybe obedience is one thing, following is another. Or something.

I’ve let good opportunities slip by – call for papers, submissions, and better job opportunities. I think I’ve compromised every writing opportunity related to what I really like (fiction writing and academic writing) for a nine-to-five job with people that I can’t get myself to respect.

I can obey them. But I don’t get inspired by them, so it’s tough.

Good thing @jakerawk released this video about frustrations, difficult decisions, rejections, et cetera, et cetera. I just have to keep watching this to remind myself to stop doing some half-ass job on what matters more if not most.


Source: Twitter