Haven’t been visited by either Jace or Delirium lately (I’m guessing it’s because I refuse to buy the 9×6″ version of Lady Midnight considering it’s such a weight to carry on a two-hour daily commute.), so I’ve just been drowning myself in random music. (By the Angel I can’t believe I’m now listening to Passion Pit!)

One band in particular is SCANDAL, an all-girl Japanese band, which first got me when I was in college and religiously in-love with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’m sure you’re familiar with Shunkan Sentimental as well.


Back when they were still rocking the school girl uniforms. Source: Wikipedia

I particularly love Mami Sasazaki because of her bold choice of hair colors.

Love her here in Kagen no Tsuki.

I think the other girls are lovely subjects, too.

But eventually I learned to appreciate each and every one of them beyond their interesting looks. So here’s my Top 4 SCANDAL go-to music.

4. Hon wo Yomu, lead vocals by Mami

But Mami is lovely outside SCANDAL too, so a runner-up is necessary. Here’s Super Beaver’s Q&A featuring Mami.

3. Pin Heel Surfer, starring dance diva Haruna

Never thought I’d like such a girly song, but when I searched what the title meant, I gave the song a chance and just enjoyed it.

2. Departure, always a Tomomi-song for me

Tomomi’s voice is probaby not for everyone, but I love it when her high-pitched voice sings together with Haruna’s rather husky tone.

1. Oyasumi, the song that made me realize that Rina is not all looks

What’s your favorite SCANDAL music? 🙂