This is what democracy is like:

There are two elevators. You press the up button, waiting for either lift. There is also a group waiting for the elevator in front of the queue. You can tell they are a group based on their dynamics: the collective volume of their voices, the synchronized laughs, their aloofness toward everyone else behind, and their disarray despite the pole for the queue.

The elevators arrive at almost the same time: the first lift still to go down to basement level, and the latter to go up where the offices are. The group along with a person in the queue who simply goes with the flow takes the first elevator down despite one of them holding the elevator button to keep the doors open and shouting, “What are you doing! This other one’s going up!”

This one is Individual.

The individual nevertheless takes the lift where the group is, being meta and saying “Demokrasya!” The group laughs and the lift goes down. When the doors open, workers who need to deliver a couple of gallons of water – say, an elevator-full? – up a couple of storeys in the building decide not to enter anymore. They wait again. The group gets to their storey not caring much about what really happened. Except, of course, for Individual.