On this side of the world, it is only but hours before January 1, 2016,  so the marquee of “Pagsalubong sa bagong taon” is already flying through news channels.

I’m no polyglot but the phrase pagsalubong sa bagong taon sounds beautiful to me. I’m 23 and never have I said anything – nor even noticed it probably – about this local phrase before; now, though, it seems starkingly beautiful.

In English, the phase can be translated as “approaching the new year” in it’s literal sense. Now, I don’t know how other languages treat their new year’s eve but I’m betting – from tonight’s news reports – it’s a party. Nothing like the romantic notion of touching the international date line of time itself. To still be awake in not just two ordinary days like an all-nighter could pull but actually two years. I mean, can you even fathom that? Just seconds separating this year and the new one. To be at the edge of the old and new. To be that interim between good bye and hello. We’re going to be awake to approach and welcome a beginning, something so abstract but somehow we’ve managed to concretize it.

This night of December 31, 2015, it’s going to be like seeing the rain cloud approach us: its water curtain about to shower and drape over our beings. Actually saying, “Hey Time, I’m ready for you to begin ticking!” It’s going to be a communal feat – which I could choose to now relegate into being unremarkable since everybody’s going to do it but I wouldn’t because maybe I am now altering myself to be more conscious of tiny beauties not as a resolution but just a note to self.
So here’s to all of us who will hi-five Time 2016. Happy days 🙂