Hello. Enjoy the gallery.

This year I started talking to myself through Jace, Delirium, and Girl. The Jace-Delirium Chronicles contain pages where fantasy and reality meet, when the rational and irrational chime in at the same time.

Over years, I’ve also painted sisters Death and Delirium in – in a way – different styles. Very enjoyable because I think these two girls are beautiful that I can’t do wrong however I paint them. But, I think I’m going to slip in Despair one day or another – just don’t know how I’ll handle the nudity as Despair is more recognizable in her bold display of body than simply a head shot; but let’s see. For now, my girls Death and Delirium.

I also continue to dabble with watercolor mingling by incorporating the universe pattern in contained shapes. I see this color spread as me trying to incorporate Delirium(‘s hair) into my other paintings that don’t necessarily contain the blue and green-eyed character (or, you know, just me trying to cover up my lack of control).

Earlier in the year, I also tried painting lighter hair because for a hobby that requires the hobbyist to bring color, how do you tint with lighter color? Here’s my Strange Blondes.

So, there you have it. More girls for next year, but black-haired ones then. Ha! I am still in the process of finishing the Crying Girl series like I said in my last paintings and musings post.

crying girl 3 (10)

If you’re interested in following my rare and random twitter posts – or get a progress of the Crying Girl series, my twitter is @arue83.

See you next gallery!