Music: Silent Hill 2  – Promise (Reprise) cover by yours truly.

We are monsters. We put ourselves above everything else, seeking affirmation from other people. We self-insert and self-glorify in the guise of self-deprecation and self-recrimination.

We are monsters. We are wired to devices we call smartphones. We avoid face-to-face communication and confrontation. We remain indifferent when someone slips, refusing to make connections with possible friends or acquaintances we call strangers. We disregard misfortunes despite the power to help. We remain We take joy in the misery of others, because thank goodness, it’s not us suffering.

We are monsters. We bring each other down with a comment, a bullet, a push, a word, and a pair of crab claws.

We are the monsters because we are cynical of each other.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook