When I was in university, an activity of one of my first writing classes was to depict a scene of a photograph. The teacher said that the activity was essentially taken from the web: unphotographable. com.

Source: unphotographable.com
Source: unphotographable.com

Looking back, I don’t remember what I had written then. In fact, I am quite, a bit, or maybe a lot bitter toward that class because I didn’t learn as much as I should have. But I think it’s safe to say (now) that the class has a saving grace: that unphotographable memory.

So, taking cue from there and from unphotographable.com, let’s practice writing by depicting one scene every day. I am not sure that each one will contain a story, but let’s try. Each verbal snippet could be a microcosm of a country, a drawing of one’s subconscious, or an example of faulty writing skills due to lack of practice. Either way, it’s a public diary like plenty of things on the internet.

So, this is the beginning. September 14, 2015:

Day 1

Pods of vehicular metal inched their way in between the lanes of concrete with one man taking advantage of the crawl. He traversed the line, cutting the traffic with a tar-colored umbrella. The holes and tear of his shirt and item elusive to the woman driving a gleamy vehicle. He continued to walk, his pace purposeful, his eyes to the horizon. The officer directing traffic signaled for the woman to get closer to the rear of the vehicle in front when she jabbed a finger pointing at the pedestrian, then she hit the pedal.