Though it doesn’t need to be said(, here it goes nevertheless): Death is inevitable. It will happen even though we don’t want it to. It’s not something any mortal can control.

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In the Philippines, death is treated like any problem. And a problem in the country – especially national problems – is treated as a blame game.

Who shot first? Who is supposed to head the mission? Who is the leader of this department? Who used the most money?

In this country, a problem has to have a face. But the face might simply be framed. Or the face doesn’t get the beating it deserves. The victim and his family always cries for justice that most of the time doesn’t get served.

I don’t have the answer to the current problem about the civil standoff in the South. I don’t know who shot first. I haven’t read all sides to this case. But all I know is that death happened and it’s a sad, sad thing.

Jace: Death is cruel.
Jace: Death is cruel.

I could blame death. But that would mean seeking a criminal who I know doesn’t exist. And like cases in the country, justice would not come to it.

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Delirium: Don’t talk about my sister like that. You don’t know her

But in the case of the Fallen 44, was it a sad, sad death? Condolence to the families, military colleagues, and everyone the fallen have touched. But it was a good death – if I may. I don’t know if they should be called heroes but they died while in duty. And I salute them for that.

I also say condolence to those whose death were not sensationalized by the media.


jace delirium 6 (2)