Apparently I’m the type of person who plays one song on loop until I find the next “song of the moment.” Currently, the song Lost Stars is seeping into my system, one hummed stanza at a time.

My previous addiction was a playlist from The Darling Buds, but because the band is kind of indie, it was difficult to find chords or How-To videos of their songs (especially Cities Alive and Alone is no Together). It was like a one-sided shindig between me and Jaime (The Darling Buds vocalist and the Jace half to my Jace-Delirium Chronicles). I listened to him, admired his music, and sang his songs, but it didn’t come to what I would consider a full cycle — me playing his music.

IMG_9173 IMG_9174 IMG_9172

With Lost Stars, I think I got lucky that this beautiful song is quite popular. With help from and YouTube, this song and I might complete full cycle.

Credits and thanks to the uploader. *thumbs up*