There was a Word Porn post that I turned into a challenge that began January 1, 2014. I said that I would post all 365 lines because I had believed the lines would forge themselves into a story – a fragmented one – but nevertheless, a story. But, reading through every line I’ve written, I was only able to pick out some that might be worth sharing. So, a glimpse to my 2014 before bidding vale.



I have a story to tell, but I will only reveal one line per day.

4 Don’t play with my feelings, you science!
27 Sometimes you just ask yourself how you got there, who made the mess, and who should clean it up first.

10 Onjae is not for the faint of heart.
11 How much baggage am I willing to carry for him?
16 I wonder what tomorrow holds for me, and how will I hold up tomorrow.
20 The eutony of hello and pain of good bye at the same spot.
27 If you take what’s mine, you have to be ready to give up yours.
28 Isn’t that the de jure of the universe?


9 The law is not difficult, complex. Emotions are.
10 It takes two to touch.
18 Who drew the lines?
19 It’s a kaleidoscope blueprint.
20 You change the course with your little gestures.
24 Time could’ve stopped there; but I chose to move on.
25 Is time a blessing or a curse?
27 I am living today like there’s no tomorrow, but I know I’ll succumb to sleep and tomorrow will come.
28 My throat is parched like uninked paper.
29 What is the essence of darkness if you can see?

4 Do. Not think.
5 It’s about how much respect you deserve, not how much fear you can instill.
11 Why would I rather sleep than stay awake with you?
20 I think about you every good morning I say.
22 An intercourse with words is orgasmic.
23 It’s different. That’s a contract; I’m a commitment.
27 I remembered one, but I forgot some.
30 It’s not about money; It’s about time.


4 The bedlam of the path of perdition attracts his soul.
8 Her apodyopsis of him stripped him to his naked soul.
14 Burry me in my wedding dress.
20 I tried to juggle relationships, so I ended up with two bad ones.
27 Our names will be eponymous to our life story; we will not be famous but known.

6 What should I be scared of: What lies in front or what waits ahead?
10 Have we transcended the carnal?
24 Do you lie to make yourself believe?

2 Make it a real, tangible sin, so I can direct my anger on someone.
4 Pain is a necessary evil.
11 Honesty: is it just a matter of telling the truth or a matter of telling the whole truth?
13 It’s beautiful, but I can’t quite understand it yet.
15 When anger is gone, all that’s left is pain.
29 Don’t say sorry out of necessity but of sincere apology.

10 He needs your support, not your help.
12 Where is the change that would altogether alter your biography and my fiction?
15 Show your passion, never your desperation.
26 You share great memories and profound conversations, but only your (sleeping) subconscious is aware of them.
29 The ultimate test is endurance, not strength.
31 We’re treading space-time wherein we’re supposed to be happy when we’re currently not.

4 At a certain angle, everyone could see a rainbow. All he needs is a light and a pen.
14 I’m reading the messages we shared and they’re a story on their own. The conflict? The unsaid words in between the lines.
16 Hiding is showing yourself to people who don’t know you.
20 I don’t know how, but somehow our hands ended up intertwined, clinging to a residue of a make-believe romantic past.
21 I feel blessed how poverty doesn’t hinder luxury.
24 You make the silliest words profound.
26 I want to be where the sun shines differently.

9 Your stare devours my sanity.
10 Our voracious love affair seems to be short-lived; we would eventually consume each other.
12 He was perfect: an angel with his self-righteous wings stripped off.
16 “The apple of your eye is poisonous, rotten,” she said, holding the fruit with her pale, svelte hands.
19 You can tread different paths but end up in the same destination.
20 Mistakes don’t haunt me.
23 I’m awake, but I haven’t woken up.
26 An anachronistic story is not a prevaricator’s tale.
27 Where is your other half when you most need to be a whole?
29 The visceral anguish in remembering his juvenile vicissitudes pains me.
30 Is it absurd to think I can triumph over a pre-emptive failure?

1 There are plenty of quotes, but little truth.
3 Imagination is a possibility of existence.
17 Thanks for the things to look forward to and the things to remember.
18 I don’t think you should change me for my mistakes because they’re yours too.
20 Am I but a detritus in your memory?
22 It’s an insipid stain of memory – if memories had taste.
27 Well, someone has to be evil.

4 The brain is the sexiest human body part, and damn girl, you flaunt it a lot like a cleavage.
6 Everything is expensive, but not all are valuable.
10 Because it’s challenging, it makes you want to stay and overcome it.
13 Don’t look at me like I’ve done something wrong because the glint in your eyes give away that you would’ve done the same.
17 I could traverse heaven, but I want to prove I could get past hell to get to you.
19 My selfishness comes from a very profound place.
25 Love is selfish. Peace isn’t.
31 The end is limiting.


Challenging myself again next year. If you find this rather interesting to do for 2015, tag me. Let’s make this a thing 🙂


Nota bene: I think everything here is original, so please credit if you find anything to your amusement.