This will be a thing now. My thing.

There used to be days – in the past months – I wished I could draw comics and watercolor paint them. I had immediately realized how tedious that would be. So I figured a one-page comic strip painted on A3 paper would probably suffice. But some luck I had the day God showered industrious genes to mankind. So that never happened.

That dream of watercolored comic strip was a spawn of envy. I’m pretty sure you have those same friends who didn’t do much but when they did, it was amazing. Think losing to a 6-year old kid who button-mashed the arcade machine to beat your 20-year-old sorry self. Yeah.

I wanted to create a comic strip that would be simple yet genius. But – as I’ve just recently learned – things planned aren’t the best created. So I made this with just a thought in my head, a yearning for conversation and good dialogue. Lo and behold: I think I officially have imaginary friends.IMG_9095 IMG_9096 IMG_9098 IMG_9099This may not be much, but looking at it, I see it as a comic panel. Like an ending to a fan fiction, manga, story, something.