Site’s not been as good as we initially hoped for. Other writers have succumbed to the corporate realm and have become office zombies – unfortunately, not the fantastic ones we are fascinated with. Nevertheless, five writers have submitted a few stories to keep the dream alive.

engkantology stats

Most read story is Otoh’s Return, with 44 views. If you don’t have an idea what happened last year in Zamboanga, this may give you a glimpse of it. Fret not about it being heavy handed though, this is speculative fiction; there is sanctuary in the fantastic.

Bridges of the North comes in second with 29 views. Beautifully written prose and paced just right, the story is about the life and death of a certain Johnny Silvestre and the esoteric legends of bridges in urban Manila.

With 27 views is a nostalgic, romantic, dramatic tale of drug use: The Remains of a Memory. In Malitaptap, Jack sells a drug called Past Tense that could make you “fall asleep, and then lucidly dream a memory.” If the night is too lonely that it prevents you from sleeping, knock on his door, pay, and leave. Don’t make eye contact.

Dead End comes in next with 23 views. Set in Malitaptap, the tale tells the story of a boy summoning an angel. But nobody told him that calling forth a celestial entailed a sacrifice.

Our last contributing writer has By Heart with 5 views. It is only the first chapter of a probably long young adult novela. If you are interested in the fantastic tales of the sea, better keep an eye on the next chapters.

If you are interested in some bite-sized fiction to keep you company during lunch break, drop by We are already one year old, but help us nurture this dream by being kind readers. Thanks 😀