It’s the first day of the third Rurouni Kenshin movie (るろうに剣心 伝説の最高編) in the Philippines and, of course, we didn’t let the day pass without watching it. BEST. MOVIE. EVER.

Here are 11 spoiler-quotes from the movie, as conceived by my koibito (who wants his name to be posted as #bodjie).

“So here are the things I learned from the movie:

  1. Smoking makes you stronger, faster.
  2. Drinking makes you realize your mistakes.
  3. Sensei can beat you with a stick.
  4. If you hit an old man, it brings bad karma.
  5. Being blind is really a disadvantage in a sword fight.
  6. You have the advantage if you have a burning sword.
  7. You cannot take over a country using only an ironclad.
  8. Bobbing around with a broken leg is useless.
  9. “Salute the samurai” must have been symbolic for the Japanese.
  10. Instead of a ring, use a leaf.
  11. Frogs change sex – oops wrong movie.

Well that’s it! If you want the real one, go watch the movie. NOW. Here’s mine.

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