Her name is Delirium. She is one of the Endless, along with Dream, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Destruction, and Death. She lives in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. And in each one of us.

image source
image source


Above is a reference photo, which I don’t look at whenever I try to paint a rendition of Delirium. Still, it is one of the most beautiful Delirium images out there and it is also featured in a legit Sandman volume.

I think watercolor is one of the best mediums to paint Delirium in mainly because you can’t completely control watercolor. In addition, mingling colors (unique only to watercolor painting) is one way to get a Delirium hair color. Here are some smalls I did – some from a few months back, and others I just finished a while ago.

IMG_6853 IMG_6854 IMG_6856 IMG_6849 IMG_6848 IMG_6851 IMG_6850 IMG_6845 IMG_6847

NB: very happy about this Uni Signo white gel pen 😀