I got pork asado pot pie from Family Mart, a local Japanese convenience store, and rice tea from Yamazaki (brought home by my koibito), a local Japanese grocery. Look at those tea bags!

Family Mart is the new 7-11, the new Mini Stop. Because of its fairly exotic (in terms of convenience store goods) selection of food, it has been gaining recognition around the country. You don’t have to ask your friend to go to Japan and get you local-flavored Kit-kats (Sakura, Matcha, Soy Sauce, and what-have-you). Family Mart offers a few Japanese snacks around a hundred peso budget.

Meanwhile, “Yamazaki” is one of the words scribbled in one of Little Tokyo’s little-known establishments. Discretely located at one perimeter of Little Tokyo (just across McDonald’s in Makati Cinema Square) in Makati, Yamazaki is both a grocery store and a restaurant  all-in-one. My koibito calls it a Japanese Carinderia or eatery. Yamazaki is probably one of the least expensive places to eat for authentic Japanese food. I mean, have you been to Little Tokyo? Well, I haven’t. But I read that prices are steep. I will try to treat myself to either Yamazaki or another Little Tokyo restaurant soon . So, wait for the post! For now, here are some Japanese food finds~

IMG_6427 IMG_6430 IMG_6431 IMG_6433