I tried ghost writing. I finished 10 100-word articles in six to eight hours. I had my computer plugged in for three hours. I stumbled with two articles that might not qualify and ultimately lose me the P100 payment. I was happy for the first two hours, learning new things and discovering local events. For the next hours, I was stressed. In between, I looked in the mirror and I could swear my hair thinned out. I was about to give up after the sixth hundred-word article. I was already telling myself it was not worth it. A hundred pesos for 1000 words. Fifty pesos for 500 words. Ten pesos for 50 words. A peso for ten words. In a thousand words, there might be one sentence that cost more. But I sigh. Overworked, underpaid. But, oh well. It’s done. (Though sometimes I feel like I’m looking for jobs in the wrong places.)

I thought the only thing that could save me from this stress, this self-pity fit, is to shut down my computer, save electricity, spare my eyes; but, no. The internet is not such a wasteland of egotistic posts and ramblings like this after all. There are really some things worth sharing. In this case, it’s a video:

Voltes V Piano Cover by Lolo Bong Infante

It’s a good video because it’s unexpectedly funny. And no, the funny part is not that he’s a grandfather playing contemporary/novelty music from an anime on the grand piano. Not, funny at all. Technically, his form is beautiful, his technique is engaging. He freaking has imaginary stress balls under his hands! It’s not funny, it’s rather commendable. Very beautiful, in fact. The funny part is seeing it through to the end.

I thank people like Lolo Bong and the camera dude because it is in little opportunities, in little things that we find joy. Without both their guts, I would probably have lost my sanity.

I hope in this little ghost writing gig, I can find some joy as well. For all I know, the hundred pesos I’m about to receive might be useful for when I need to buy – I dunno – two donuts for me and a friend. Think good vibes. Good vibes, good night. 🙂

EDIT: Here’s a longer coverage of Lolo Bong’s performance.

bong infante performance schedule