I’ve been planning to paint Motoo Fujiwara with his piano (his famous Tales of the Abyss cover) because I wanted to brag about my newly purchased electric piano. I was not raised with a silver spoon in my mouth, so it’s a feat for me. However, it is only today that I got the time and patience to do it. In the process, I saw things that awed me: Bump of Chicken fan arts.

Let’s start with my humble free-hand painting.

motoo fujiwara piano watercolormotoo fujiwara piano watercolor

motoo fujiwara piano watercolorAlmost all of my Fujiwara paintings have blue tones (Motoo Fujiwara, watercolor and How are you?), except the first one (in Introduction). Melancholy, maybe. With this, however, I wanted to use yellow because of another fan art by koony (below). Still, I cannot – do not want – to leave out blue. So, I tried to use yellow and blue colors without mingling them into green.


koony is a DeviantArt artist from Australia who is also the administrator of a Bump of Chicken fan circle in DA. Her style is very diverse. She paints using traditional medium like acrylic, but also more pop media like markers. Check out her personal BOC gallery here, and her Bump of Chicken circle gallery here.


cool_fire__by_koony Harmonica__by_koony

Jrock__Bump_of_Chicken_live by koony BUMPOFCHICKEN_says_HI by koony Ever_lasting_lie__by_koony


Another good Bump of Chicken fan art gallery is from 1eveee87 of the Philippines. She is also the administrator of a BOC Facebook page, where I’m a member. Check out her gallery here. One of my favorites from here is her Fujiwara fan art below.



Another digital painter on DA is offcolor from the United States. Below are the few BOC artworks he has.

BUMP_OF_CHICKEN___Fujiwara_by_offcolor BUMP_OF_CHICKEN__Lonely_Glory_by_offcolor BUMP_OF_CHICKEN__supernova_by_offcolor

One more Fujiwara fan art by vencheramu


I also saw another one from tumbler by takigraphic. If you can read Japanese, you can navigate his/her page better 🙂



There are also artworks that render BOC in anime and/or chibi form. Check out zerochan.net and its wide array of BOC fan arts.

zerochan-bump Bump.of.Chicken.600.966518 zerochan

I hope this post is a feast to the eyes especially for Bump of Chicken fans out there. Good night, good vibes 🙂