Nodame Cantabile Live has been burned to a disc – and has been waiting for its file corruption along with the other doramas I own – for almost 6 years. And finally, I’ve decided to watch it.

Recently, I almost re-watched the two-part live action movie of Bokura ga Ita, until I realized I’d watched it before. Still, the same anxiety, hope and pain lingered in me while watching the scenes I did not skip. It was awesome to be reminded how I love romantic doramas. Nodame Cantabile did that to me as well. But apart from the tingles it sent down my spine, it also taught me about letting go and letting be.

Let go: in Music

When everything is controlled, it is contrived. Once you let go, it becomes more enjoyable not only for the listeners but also for the players. When you play more freely, the emotions embodied in each note can and will come through. Let go because once you stop thinking and start doing, you produce something better. Mistakes make things interesting.





Let be: of the Nodame in your life


Everyone has that stray cat in their lives. A stray cat is not very useful. She is not economically beneficial, yet she provides daily entertainment. Instead of shooing her day in and day out, let her be. You will eventually achieve that zeroth law in your relationship.



Let go: of hurtful means

They say, “You always hurt the one you love.” But why? Love does not have to be hurtful.


It is unfortunate that some people do not recognize how tight their grip is on their partner’s neck, until she slips and runs away without you knowing why. Then, you regret. Before that happens, let go. Try other means to make her stay: a caress, a light tap on the back, or – when all else fails – fart exercise.



Let be: of silly means

letbe1_how to handle noda notes from chiaki

There is always that one person in your life that has an uncanny way to de-stress: a call at 3 o’clock in the morning, a sudden vacation trip, or fart exercise choreography. When a person is troubled, you just have to be there for her. You never know, you might enjoy it as well.


Let go, Let be: tears

Tears are a person’s defense mechanism. More often than not, when they are about to fall, you just have to let them go. Don’t let them choke you, hold back the words you want to say, or imprison your screams. When you feel like they are about to fall, just let them go. Don’t hold them back; let the tears flow. Let them be. You’ll find yourself feeling lighter, lifted of a fluid yet heavy burden. After all, you can’t control the pour of rain.



Let go: of your beloved

Let him fly.


Even if it means him leaving you. Don’t shackle him to a place where he can’t see light. If he wants to – needs to – discover the world, let him go. Let him grow and explore his fullest potential.



But ultimately, don’t just let it be. Don’t let him leave you. Follow him.

Let him go when his dreams are father than yours; but that is not to say you should leave him entirely. Chase him by setting a goal farther than what you had currently set. Let go, let be, then follow. You might see each other along the way. You might lock gazes, confused yet elated. You might walk towards each other and decide to walk hand in hand from then on. Hopefully, by that time, you don’t have to let go. Just let things be.