I got bitten by a snake.

I tried to draw him out of his home slowly and surely; but he was quick. In a blink, he had found his way to my flesh. I got two slits – like a pair of fangs sunk into my skin – on my middle and ring fingers.


Meet my sword, Snake. Snake is also my trophy from the Geisha’s Blade Article Writing contest.

Last March 22, Geisha’s Blade owner Sir Aldwin met with me to award me Raiden’s High Frequency Blade (coated version). As he unboxed the blade, my nerves tingled in both excitement (because “Yaay! I have a sword!”) and anxiety (because “Oh no! I’m clumsy with handling blades!”).

That was the first meeting between me and Snake. I impulsively, carefully touched his 1050 carbon steel blade. His body is a combination of kiriha zukuri (“flat”) and unokubi zukuri (roughly “thin”) styles. That must have been offensive for Snake. After all, my friend said, to be worthy of wielding a blade, you must be cut first. I suppose these two small slits on my fingers are good enough, Snake?


The blade is from the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The high frequency blade is wielded by cyborg ninjas and is believed to cut anything.

Geisha'sBlade_Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, which is our version of Raiden’s High Frequency Blade black coated version.

This Geisha’s Blade is a hand-forged sword that has the capability to cut fresh cut bamboos and tatami mats. In the video below, the same blade is used to cut bamboo.


The blade itself is made from 1050 Carbon Steel in full tang (read: the entire sword, from the sharp tip to the handle, is a blade). The blade will rust if it is simply put on display. As such, it is advisable to oil it with Singer (yes, the sewing machine brand) All-Purpose Oil. Meanwhile, the hilt is made from Zinc alloy, which will never rust. To cap it off, the sword has a practical and cool  synthetic leather sheath.

Snake is so photogenic, look at him capture the light!
Snake is so photogenic, look at him capture the light!
The blade has decorative "screws."
The blade has decorative “screws.”
Peek-a-boo Zinc Alloy handle showing the full tang of the blade
Peek-a-boo Zinc Alloy handle showing the full tang of the blade
I think this shows Snake's unokubi zukuri style.
I think this shows Snake’s unokubi zukuri style.
Sword and Sheathe
Sword and Sheath


Everyone has that dream of walking around town with a sheath slung on his back, dangling from his shoulders or pelvic. I think I achieved part of it because of this sword-trophy. Thank you Geisha’s Blade!

Doing the research for the contest and actually winning made me excited to slice and dice some things. But given the restriction of living in the city, I give you this instead:

photo source
photo source

Let’s just say, that’s a teaser for the next Snake post.


Post Script

Geisha’s Blade is an online sword shop that caters to Philippine-based residents. Visit their Facebook page or website to know more about their products. Note that the swords, though decorative-looking, are lethal. Geisha’s Blade owner shows this cautionary picture and post on their Facebook page.