It’s a tie!

I don’t know how a business can be so generous. Geisha’s Blade announced two winners of Raiden’s High Frequency Blade from Metal Gear. I read some of the blog entries, some I skimmed over, and I was sure I found a winner that was not me. But, come March 16, I received a friend request from Geisha’s Blade. Afterward, I checked Paintings and Musings, surprised by the number of views. Indeed, what a way to foreshadow my visit to the Geisha’s Blade Facebook page! Displayed on their most recent post were the winners of the Article Writing Contest:

Jessa’s Yorozuya of the North: Geisha’s Blade; and

My It’s a Geisha’s Blade

Such a proud moment. This is my first time to ever win a writing contest and this deserves a better celebratory post – I promise I will make one when I get more time. For the mean time:

Thank you Geisha’s Blade ;____;