Got an unexpectedly huge salary from my part time job, so I decided to buy some art materials. I finally got a liquid masking fluid from Deovir Megmall branch (because I’ve learned my lesson on how not to skimp on art materials) and Faber Castle Watercolor pencils from National Bookstore (because I am Laking National) yesterday. Since it is quite late, I decided to try the pencils first.

What best way to see if these pencils are watercolor worthy than paint Sandman’s Delirium. With her pool-of-color hair, these pencils are really going to be challenged.


Reference photo of Delirium, Little Endless Storybook version. Art by Jill Thomspon.

Control in drawing Delirium is quite ironic. Still, I know I haven’t gone to her realm with this sketch. My pursuit in painting my version of the perfect Delirium is still not there, still on its way.










I brushed clear water over the sketch and, yes, the paint still mingles* with the other colors. My biggest problem with it, though, is that much of the colored pigment is lost when you brush water over it. I suppose it has a similar effect with tube watercolor paint: much water, less dense paint. It could be a good and intentional effect on well-planned paintings. However, in my case, I did not expect what happened. You have to brush over everything because, if not, there will be obvious difference between the wet and dry areas.

IMG_5574 IMG_5575

So, there you go. My practice piece for this week: painting with watercolor pencils.

*For examples of paintings with mingling technique, see paintings in Is it the Endo? and Engkantology posts.

Note: I have a big project in mind. I might get some sorts of big-arse watercolor canvas 🙂