I woke up thinking about my student’s melancholic face yesterday; thinking of the ways I could have saved him from his pain. Seryoso, di ko masikmurang wala akong magawa para sa kanya.

I spent a couple of minutes just walking back and forth, back and forth; and then an hour walking, thinking,  listening to Asian Kung Fu Generation. Then I remembered that I’ve been pushing back my painting day (because work requires so much of my time). Since I was listening to AKFG on my iPad, I figured I could check the pictures I’ve been wanting to paint. And poof: one of Bump of Chicken’s latest picture.

Lo and Behold! My Favorite Japanese band: BUMP OF CHICKEN.
Lo and Behold! My Favorite Japanese band: BUMP OF CHICKEN.

At the lower right corner of that photo is my Motoo Fujiwara, band vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, and future hermit. He carries the same bangs as my sad, sad student.


motoo fujiwara pencil

Maybe I was trying to make myself feel better. I wouldn’t be able to see my student until Monday. I mean, what was I supposed to do: just sulk in a corner because I was a bad teacher? No. No, that’s just more sad. So I harvested my feels and tried to paint Fuji-kun, with my student in my head.

IMG_5093 IMG_5095 IMG_5097  IMG_5098

And this is what I came up with. For now, this is enough. This should be enough.