Dr. Seuss books from Book Sale


I got my first ever Dr. Seuss book from a secondhand bookstore. And I keep getting them from secondhand bookstores.

As a kid, I never read Dr. Seuss. In fact, I was already in the university when I first heard of him. In my Children’s Literature class, I heard my first Dr. Seuss story, Green Eggs and Ham.

And right then and there, I knew I just gotta have his books. But new books cost a lot. Until now, even though I like a book, I never buy it immediately. (Smite me! I didn’t buy Jill Thompson’s elusive book, Delirium’s Party: A Little Endless Storybook!) I must think about my budget and how practical it is to have that book.

Now that I am an ESL instructor to kids, somehow I’ve convince myself that I need Dr. Seuss to help me teach the children. To spare my wallet, I buy from secondhand bookstores. And what a joy it is to find that Cat in the Hat logo at the book’s spine.

Thank you firsthand Dr. Seuss books users for sharing your beloved Dr. Seuss books 🙂


Post script: I feel sorry that I haven’t painted anything recently. I think a tribute to the Cat in the Hat is good. (–,) Watch out for it!