On this side of the world, it is already the last day of the year. And on this day, I want to assess where my three-day watercolor painting crash course has taken me.



Sandman’s Death was someone I really wanted to portray in watercolor. However, in the process, I ended up trying to paint the perfect Delirium. Yes, I know, she’s still not there.

sandman delirium death

I’ve always liked drawing simple “anime style” (but, no, there is no distinct anime style because mangakas draw differently). My paintings looked very cartoonish because I didn’t know how to put shadows.

IMG_4607 IMG_4601

For my next project, I tried to use dark colors on the outline of faces, but, yeah. The paintings below were the products of my initial risks.


I’d say my Fujiwara painting (left) was a personal breakthrough. It was one of the firsts that I was really proud of; hence, the birth of Paintings and Musings.


The dripping paint aesthetic was not something I learned from the crash course. It was something I acquired from watching YouTube videos. So, yeah, thank you YouTubers.


Notice how my earlier paintings (above) did not have to deal with likeness and pretty much all eyes were closed or the faces were half concealed. I think simply having an aesthetically pleasing form saved them from being wreckage. However, the following ones (below) — well, let’s just say I still need to work on likeness 🙂



Painting landscapes was easier. I did not have to copy an image exactly. I simply had to be inspired by an internet photo or my imagination.

Below were my first paintings. The bigger one (“Maybe a Different View of the Sunken Garden”) was on display at Ayala Museum last May 2013 for the Art Room Exhibit (culminating activity of all the workshop participants).


Then, I started to experiment with color. Out with the green, in with the purple paint I took from my friend!

Below are practice pieces; hence, the size of the paper.

IMG_4617 IMG_4618

Again, I thank YouTube videos for the beauty of light background plus dark/black foreground.


Two of my paintings are not posted here because I have given them away. It is a little sad not to have archived them here, but it is more overwhelming to have someone else display them in his home.

Thank you for the traffic whether you are simply a passer-by or a gallery lingerer or my friend (–,). Happy New Year, dear reader!