I was never his student. He never became my professor. But I did read his creative non-fiction piece “Talking to a Fu Dog on a Wedding Afternoon.” Although Butch Guerrero was a household name at the University, that essay was the only time I ever encountered him. Just on paper. And, unfortunately, I would never encounter Butch Guerrero as a professor unlike my older friends did.

Still, when news broke that he passed away, I was able to glimpse a little bit of him: trinkets of friendship and memories posted by professors from the University (Remembering Jose Claudio “Butch” Guerrero).

He liked flowers, that I am sure. I remembered reading a post from my professor asking a certain Butch about the name of flowers she had bought. And another recent post (by a different professor) thanking the late Butch Guerrero for arranging flowers for her wedding.

Even though I never personally met him, I can safely infer that he was a very sweet person especially to his friends. But to some of us who never got the chance to see him face to face, his genius on pen and paper is something that we will mourn. The Philippine literary scene will miss you, Butch Guerrero.

butch guerrero dp watercolor
Flower copied from his current/latest picture on Facebook.